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Updated 5/25/2012 Download the Personal Emergency Assistance Software (6.4 MB)


GPS Emergency Assistance System

US and International Patents Pending

UM-600ET-GPS & UM-600BC Cradle / Charger


UM-600E-GPS unit contains a GPS receiver and a cellular GSM module designed to provide emergency assistance to people in need of assistance inside and outside of there homes, simply by user pressing panic RED button (SOS) the UM-600E-GPS will then establish two way voice communication and transmits GPS location information of person carrying the device to a monitoring station. The UM-600E-GPS also designed for monitoring station be to track the location of individuals carrying the UM-600E-GPS device, and designed for user to receive incoming calls by pressing the GREEN button which can be used as a mobile phone device.

UM-600E-GPS contains built-in impact G force sensor used for fall sensor detection and for detecting and reporting vehicle, motorcycle, etc accident impact along with vehicle speed and GPS location information to monitoring station, and establishes two way voice communications with monitoring station.

The UM-600E-GPS unit is supplied with UM-600C cradle for charging the battery.

The UM-600E-GPS is useful in many applications as for Medical emergency assistance, locating Alzheimer patients, parents track there children’s, ideal for hikers, utility workers, police officers, military personnel’s, etc.

Also available as UM-600ET having a built-in 2.4Ghz RF transceiver designed to communicate with UM-600BC home base cradle unit. If UM-600ET user located near UM-600BC the UM-600ET GSM/GPS power is off in power saver mode, if user of UM-600ET moves away from proximity of UM-600BC base unit, the UM-600ET due to communication loose power’s on the UM-600ET GSM/GPS circuitry to report user location. This method eliminates the need of daily battery charging of GPS unit. The UM-600ET ideal for use monitoring Alzheimer patients.

- GSM frequency: “Telit” Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz. Used for indoor/outdoor tracking.
- SURF STAR III GPS Chipset with 159 Db sensitivity.
- Emergency Panic alarm activation SMS / Contact ID (DTMF) reporting with two way voice.
- Secondary GSM call number with hands free two way voice.
- Built-in G Force fall or high speed impact sensor (Patent Pending).
- User Low Battery audio/visual and vibrator warning.
- Monitoring station call in listen function or two way voice.
- Water resistant.
- Notification methods: vibration and/or audiovisual.
- Power consumption stand by” 80ma.GSM/GPS on.
- Power during GSM communication: 250ma.
- Power: 950mah rechargeable Li-Ion battery.
- Active mode battery life: 24 hours w/GSM &GPS on.
- Stand by mode battery life: 48 hours (GSM on/GPS off, GSM signal transmits instantly, GPS in 1.3 minutes.
- Passive mode: 1 Year with 950Mah Li-Ion battery, GPS/GSM powers on when Red button is Pressed, GSM signal transmits in 30 seconds & GPS1.3 minutes.
- 30 number voice command auto dialer. (Optional on UM-600EV-GPS).
- Dimensions: 70mm x 50mm x 24mm.
- Home charger 110 – 240v A/C to 5v dc adapter with stand alone charger/cradle.
- Car charger 12v. to 5v DC 850 ma.
- Operational Temperature - 25F to +160F (-20C to +65C).

UM-600ET with 2.4Ghz RF transceiver, used with UM-600BC.
- RF transceiver communication frequency: i minute intervals.
- RF transceiver communication range: 300 feet.
- Power: 2400mah rechargeable Li-Ion battery.
- Dimensions: 70mm x 50mm x 30mm.



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