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Locator System

WT. Wrist/ Pendent transmitter Features:
Power Supply: 3V. Lithium battery
Battery Life: 5 Years
Operating temperature: - 40c to + 85c

LT-49. Locator unit, with 1km transmitter range
Power supply: A/C adaptor 12Vdc 800ma.
Battery Back-up: 1.600mah Ni-mh 15 hours on standby
Receiver frequency: 433mhz with adjustable receiver sensitivity
range 2 to 300 feet radius.
Transmitter frequency: 906 to 915mhz. Frequency hopping
Operating temperature: - 40c to + 85c

RPN-99. Repeater unit, adds 1km range
Power supply: A/C adaptor 12Vdc 800ma
Battery back-up: 1.600mah Ni-mh 15 hours on standby
Receiver frequency : 906 to 915 mhz frequency hopping
Transmitter frequency 906 to 915mhz frequency hopping
Operating temperature:- 40c to + 85c

BUN-152. Wireless Computer Interface unit
Power supply : A/C adaptor 12Vdc
Receiving frequency: 906 to 915mhz frequency hopping
Transmitter frequency: 906 to 915mhz frequency hopping
Antenna: Twin antenna for superior range.
PC connection: RS-232

Introducing revolutionary new concept of locating individuals in an emergency situation such as students on college campus, patients at medical facilities, Prisoners within prison boundaries, construction workers located at a site, Etc. By the use of a user wrist/pendent transmitter unit which is designed to communicate with an RF link, through locator units with an on site PC, for identifying and locating the person having an emergency condition, accordingly dispatch’s security personnel.

The system also is useful for locating assets such, as pallets, vehicles located at a site.

Plurality of uniquely coded LT-49 Locator units are installed at a location in a predetermined area, each locator is used to identify a dedicated zone. The locators having a receiver to receive RF signals from individuals carrying uniquely coded WT wrist/pendent transmitters, and a transmitter used to retransmit received signals to a BUN-152 wireless computer interface unit, which provides on screen user ID, and location information to security personnel, to able provide assistance.

In addition for extended area coverage additional RPN-99 repeater units are being provided to extent communication range between LT-49 locator and BUN-152 computer interface unit, to provide wider area operation.


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