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With Home Base Unit

US and International Patents Pending

UM-600B and UM-600BGSM
GSM/RF Home base unit with built in motion detection tamper sensor

Tamper Proof Strap Mount GPS/GSM RF unit, with battery saver circuitry


The UM-600 GPS tracking set is designed to be used in applications where an offender or Alzheimer movement requires outdoor monitoring.

Passive/Active Offender GPS tracking system comprises a UM-600T GPS bracelet unit containing GPS/GSM and RF transceiver, and a UM–600B or optional UM-600BGSM home based transceiver unit designed to communicate by sending supervisory RF signals to UM-600T. The home base unit containing G force accelerometer/motion detection circuitry to ascertain subject to be monitored does not carry away the UM-600B or UM-600BGSM home base unit.

The UM-600T is easily mounted on offender’s ankle by use of an optical strap (patented) to prevent tampering or removal of unit. The UM-600T upon detection of strap tamper it reports to a monitoring station via unit GSM cellular modem or RF transmitted signals. UM-600T contains a built-in in microphone for the monitoring station be able listen during an event.

The home base unit has adjustable range sensitivity from 10 meter (30 feet) to 100 meter (300 Feet) radius. If the subject carrying UM-600 leaves the home base dedicated area the base unit will generate audible alarm. The UM-600T unit due to communication loss with the UM-600B or UM-600BGSM it automatically “powers on” internal GPS receiver/ GSM modem (Patent pending) to provide automatic GPS tracking signals to a monitoring station PC, PDA, Smart phone, by SMS or GPRS data containing longitude /latitude information relating to subjects location.

UM-600T contains low power RF transceiver which is used to communicate at time interval (every 1 min) with the UM-600B or UM-600BGSM home base unit, to determine subject to be monitored is present at a dedicated location.

UM-600T benefits from the (patent pending) stand by battery power circuitry, which it’s internal circuitry turns “ON” the GPS/GSM circuitry power automatically only when subject to be monitored moves away from the home base unit, to provide user less frequent battery charging.

The UM-600B-GSM home base unit having additional GSM modem, which provides two way cellular communication with monitoring station or others, such as when offenders leaves the home at a time which is not allowed to leave the home, listen in to mode, report of home base unit tamper, GPS bracelet unit tamper, or Bracelet low battery condition, A/C power fail and restore, upload-able menu etc. And in addition the unit provides user two number to call for Emergency assistance need, by user pressing one of the two buttons or by using a wireless emergency pendent Transmitter unit, which will provide two way hands free voice function.

Features: UM-600T
• Operating power: External Rechargeable Li-Ion 3.7v 2200 ma. battery power for 20 hour GPS/GSM standby, and Internal Li-Ion 3.7v 450ma rechargeable back up battery for additional 4 hour standby, Totaling 24 hours standby power.
• 1 year battery life when 2.4G RF communication is in use only. (No GPS/GSM)
• Built-in battery charging circuitry designed for external battery to charge internal battery (Patent pending)
• Low battery detection vibrator to alert the user to remove & charge or replace battery
• Vibrator consumes less then 65ma current.
• Auto reporting SMS and GPRS multi class 10 and mobile class B
• Wireless GSM Up-loadable Geo-fencing

• UM-600T communication with UM-600B & UM-600BGSM: RF freq. 2.4Ghz WI-FI
• GSM Quad-band 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz. SMS/GPRS
• GSM modem power: 2W. @ 850. 900 MHz.1W. @ 1800/1900 MHz
• GPS receiver 20 parallel channels 0,35u
• GPS Receiver sensitivity –159 dbm (M STAR Chipset)
• Position accuracy 15 meters RMS without SA
• Velocity accuracy 0.1 m/s without SA
• Speed accuracy 0.1 K/m without SA
• Standby current: GPS/GSM ON 50 ma.
• Power consumption with GSM communication: 250 ma.
• Warm up time current: GPS/GSM ON for 28 seconds 100 ma.
• Cold start 120 seconds.
• UM-600T Fully waterproof.
• UM-600T Optical Strap tamper detection and reporting
• Home base unit motion taper detection and reporting via UM-600T
• Built-in microphone for monitoring station event listening
• Operating temperature -20c to + 65c
• Storage temperature –30c to + 80c
• Relative humidity 5% to 95%, non-condensing.
• Size: 75mm x 50mm x 30mm

Features: UM-600B home base unit
- Alarm 3 beep sound when UM-600 bracelet unit exceed 300 ft. distance from home base
- Alarm 1 beep sound when UM-600 bracelet unit enters exclusion zone.
- Built-in motion detector for reporting base unit movement tamper through UM-600T.
- A/C power failure SMS/GPRS reporting through UM-600T bracelet unit.
- A/C power restore SMS/GPMS/GPRS reporting through UM-600T bracelet unit.
- GSM home base panel low battery GSM/GPRS reporting through UM-600T bracelet.
- Periodical self test GSM/GPRS reporting through UM-600T bracelet unit.
- Power: A/C 110 – 240V
- 4400 ma. NI-MH 72 hours battery back up.
- Size: 130mm x 87mm x 38mm
- Weight: 200g.

Features: UM-600BGSM Home base unit
- SMS up-loadable offender allowed time attendance and absence.
- SMS Up-loadable GSM home panel clock time setting.
- Absence of offender Bracelet RF communication signal SMS/GPRS reporting.
- Offender Bracelet RF communication signal presence SMS/GPRS reporting.

- Offender bracelet RF communication signal loss SMS/GPRS reporting.
- Bracelet belt tamper GSM/GPRS reporting.
- GSM home base panel motion tamper GSM/GPRS reporting.
- Home base GSM panel tamper GSM/GPRS reporting.
- A/C power failure SMS/GPRS reporting.
- A/C power restore SMS/GPMS/GPRS reporting
- GSM home base panel low battery GSM/GPRS reporting.
- Bracelet low battery SM/GPRS reporting.
- Periodical self test GSM/GPRS reporting.
- GSM/GPRS Signal lost/Restore GSM/GPRS reporting.
- Time of disablement reporting .
- Power On reporting.
- SMS call command to listen into home base unit (open microphone)
- Call in for two way hands free conversation command.

- Alarm 3 beep sound when UM-600T unit exceed 300 ft. distance from home base
- Alarm 1 beep sound when UM-600T bracelet unit enters exclusion zone.
- Power: A/C 110 – 240V
- 4400 ma. NI-MH 48 hours battery back up.
- Size: 130mm x 87mm x 38mm
- Weight: 200g.



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