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Emergency Assistance, Restraining Order and Police Officer Unit

US and International Patents Pending

UM-600V, UM-600V-GSM & UM-600V-GPS


UM-600V; When a victim of domestic violence has obtained a court ordered restraining order prohibiting an offender from approaching a victim.  A UM-600V unit is carried on by the victim, used to warn the victim to the presence of an offender.  When an offender strapped with a UM-600T GPS tracker bracelet unit approaches a victim carrying the UM-600V unit, the UM-600V upon receipt of the offender bracelet RF signals, it generates audible beep sound or selectable vibration signal to alert the victim to the presence of an offender near by, and UM-600V victim unit automatically transmits an RF signal containing victim unit ID information to the offender UM-600T GPS unit, which upon receipt of signal it warns the offender by vibrating signals he or she is being to close to the victim. At a predetermined time if the offender does not move away from the victim, the offender UM-600T bracelet unit will transmit a GSM signal containing information to the offender’s location along with victim ID information to a monitoring station. The monitoring station can open UM-600T offender unit microphone (optional) and conduct a listen into mode and monitor or record event conversations and other background noises, and accordingly call police for assistance. The UM-600V additionally has user selected 30 minutes event recording capability (Optional) The UM-600V victim unit provides RF reception range adjustment from 30 feet to 300 feet (10m to 100m) so victim can set there own protection boundaries.

UM-600V-GSM looks and function like UM-600V but in addition it contains a GSM module design when offender approach the victim the victim unit GSM module transmits an SMS/GPRS signal to monitoring station indicating offender detection near by victim and establishes automatic GSM two way voice call connection with monitoring station. Or if the victim needs emergency assistance, the victim just press the Panic (SOS) button and create a two way voice conversation with monitoring station. The unit also provides a secondary two way voice call number and an optional G force fall sensor detection circuitry to report monitoring station in an event the victim falls, this future is useful with people require emergency assistance around home or outside.

UM-600V-GPS looks and function just like UM-600V-GSM but in addition it contains a GPS receiver when a victim or a Police officer etc. is being approach by the offender the UM-600V-GPS unit additionally transmits victim or police officer location information to a monitoring station via offender UM-600T unit (patent pending), and if victim or police officer activate the panic button (SOS) the UM-600V-GPS will establish to way voice and transmits GPS location information of the victim or Police officer to a monitoring station. The UM-600V-GPS unit is useful as medical emergency assistance device for elderly, ideal for hikers, electric company workers, military personnel etc. The unit also contains (optional) built-in 30 minutes event voice recording capability.

- RF transceiver 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi.
- RF signal communication frequency: 30 seconds interval.
- RF signal communication range: 30 to 300 feet.
- GSM frequency: “Telit”Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz (UM-600V-GSM & UM-600V-GPS Only).
- SIRF Star III GPS Chipset with 159Db sensitivity (UM-600V-GPS only).
- Victim Panic alarm activation SMS/GPRS reporting with two way voice (UM-600V-GSM & UM600V-GPS only).
- Secondary GSM call number with hands free two way voice.
- Victim offender detection SMS/GPRS reporting.
- Built-in G Force fall/Impact sensor(UM-600V-GSM&UM-600V-GPS only).
- 30 minutes voice recording (Optional on UM-600V-GPS).
- User Low Battery audio/visual and vibrator warning.
- Call in listen function, or two way voice (UM-600V-GSM & UM-600V-GPS only).
- Water resistant and vibration proof.
- Operating Range: Adjustable 30 feet (9m) to 300 feet (90m) in open space.
- Notification methods: audible beep and/or vibration.
- Power consumption for stand by” 80ma.GSM/GPS on.
- Power consumption for GSM communication: 250ma.
- Stand by time: 48 hours RF transceiver on all the time (UM-600V only).
- Standby time: 36 hours with RF transceiver on and GSM on (UM-600V-GSM only).
- Standby time: 24 hours w/ RF transceiver on, GSM on, and GPS on (UM-600V-GPS only).
- power adaptor 5 v. dc.
- Power: 2400ma rechargeable Li-Ion battery.
- Dimensions: 69mm x 44mm x 30mm.
- Home charger 110 – 240v A/C adapter.
- Car charger 12v. to 5v DC 850 ma.
- Operational Temperature -25F to +160F (-20C to +65C).



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