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CTC-1520 Home Arrest Probationer Compliance Monitoring Base Unit.


Models: 400 MHz or 900 MHz


The CTC-1520 is designed to provide an effective method of monitoring home arrest probationer compliance. The CTC-1520 Base Unit, which is installed in the subjectís premises, continuously monitors the presence or absence of the signals transmitted from up to four the Wrist Transmitters which are worn by the subjects.

If the subject moves out of radio range causing the CTC-1520 not to receive the Wrist Transmitter signals for a certain amount of time, it will immediately report this event to the Monitoring Station. The Monitoring Station may be a law enforcement communications center or a private monitoring facility.

The CTC-1520 900 MHz base unit communicates with the WTGD Wrist Transmitter 900 MHz with dual frequency hopping, which enables it to avoid RF interference.

The CTC-1520 400 MHz base unit communicates with the WTGA Wrist Transmitter 400 MHz.

Each CTC-1520 base unit can monitor up to 4 wrist transmitters learned to CTC-1520 and up to 5 visitor wrist transmitters (not learned).

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