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Mobil Receiver 


Models: 400 MHz or 900 MHz


The HM-100G Hand Held Monitor is a portable receiver designed for you to remotely detect the presence of a Wrist Transmitter worn by an offender.

The Wrist Transmitter is identified by its ID code and will read in a subjectís name and description if this information has been downloaded into the HM-100Gís database.
The HM-100G can store up to 997 subject records containing ID code, account number, name and descriptive information. These subject records are downloaded from the host computer through a built-in RS-232 port.

The HM-100G can detect up to 997 field events. When a Wrist Transmitter is detected, the HM-100G will sound its built-in buzzer to alert you and display the ID code of the Transmitter together with the time stamp on its LCD display.  If the ID code is found in its database then the subject name and relative information will also be displayed.

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