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MRE-2 Mobile Receiver


When a victim of domestic violence has obtained a court ordered restraining order prohibiting an offender from approaching a victim, a Mobile Receiver (MRE-2) can be worn by the victim, or be put in the victim's home to monitor the presence of the offender near victims residence or work area.

The MRE-2 looks just like a pager and is about the same size. Any time an offender wearing a Wrist Transmitter is within 200 ft, the MRE-2 will detect the signal transmitted from the Wrist Transmitter and notify the victim of his or her presence, so the victim can take appropriate action.

There are two ways of MRE-2 notification, audible beep and physical vibration, which are selectable. The Mobile Receiver provides the victim 24-hour protection, especially when the victim is not at her or his residence.

    . Frequency: 418MHZ (other frequencies available upon request)
    . Operating Range: 60 meters (200 ft) in open space.
    . Notification methods: audible beep or vibration, selectable.
    . Power: 1 .5V AAA alkaline battery x2.
    . Optimal AC adapter
    . Battery Life: 45 days
    . Dimensions: 67mm x 48mm x 18mm (12.6" x 1.9" x 0.6")



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