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WTGA Wrist Transmitter

400 MHz


The WTGA Wrist Transmitter resembles an ordinary conventional wristwatch. Authorized personnel apply it to the subject easily and quickly. After the Wrist Transmitter is fitted and activated, it transmits radio signals every 15 ~ 45 seconds.  The WTGA is designed to be tamper proof, with unique patented wrist strap with optical and conductive belt protection. Any attempt to tamper with the Wrist Transmitter after installation will be detected by the Base Unit.

- Patented strap with Optical & Conductive protection that provides double protection.
- The Wrist Transmitter communicates with the base unit with single frequency code hopping.
- Transmitter range 50M (150 feet).
- Waterproof design (up to 20ft depth underwater) integrity with weight of 0.9 oz only ensures the subjectís convenience is granted and maintained.
- Battery Life: 9 months.

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